Wednesday, March 9, 2011

some pages from my sketching journal (vol.1, part 1)

I keep a sketching journal, in which I try to sketch on a daily basis, now and then I get really addicted to it. My rules for my "sketching journal vol.1": I only use a black "uni-ball gel impact 1.0", sometimes a red version, and usual watercolours. Some sketches take 30 seconds, some take 30 minutes. In this book I am not allowed to use a pencil (or a rubber) and I am not allowed to tear out any pages.
Here are some examples:

All our cups.

When one of our friends told me he would like to have a mix of a penguin and a zebra as a pet I had to make some sketches of it.... so here are three of Flo's "zebruins".

I ♥ wine 

The crammed cupboard in our bathroom.

Some of my make-up utensils, my make-up bag and my pocket watch necklace.

The 5 liter water bottle we always buy at the kebap shop of our trust.

My boyfriend's red sneakers.

All our chairs.

A glass of pens (and glue, tape, liquid paper and a business card).

My boyfriend's leather schoolbag (he`s a student teacher). He got it from his father, who used it when he himself was a studen teacher some time ago.

Some of my nailpolish colours.

Some plant of ours, dead, because we forgot to water it.

Some of my dinosaurs (I started collecting them last year). 

On our trip to Milano in January 2011 we had some coffee in an "Arnold Coffee" house. We were sitting near a window for approxim. half an hour, while two Italian construction workers were trying to work on the rail tracks of a streetcar, being disturbed all the time by cars and busses driving there... they used a weird, antique looking machine and it took them quite a while.... this timeconsuming process was kind of relaxing to watch.

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  1. Dinos are still so cool!
    They are going to be a thing... one day